Humanity is developing at a rapid pace. Scientific, economic, political and cultural progress requires an increasing amount and quality of feedback from all participants. It is extremely important to know the current trends, opinions and interests of the population.

The "Global Survey" project is a high–tech service that solves this problem, bringing the process of public opinion research to a new level. It embodies a convenient and effective tool for making surveys of any scale, being anywhere in the world, an original system of stimulation and encouragement of participants, using blockchain technologies. This system consists in the use of the digital token service "SurveyToken" (SRT), which appears both as a means of payment for the placement of surveys, and as a means of encouraging participation in these surveys.

The existing services for conducting surveys, including paid ones, do not have sufficient scalability, efficiency and flexibility. The "Global Survey" project, in addition to all this, has many other advantages.

Global Survey - this is your chance to change the world for the better, and at the same time, to gain a personal benefit:

- SRT tokens, if you are a participant in the survey.

- Invaluable information if you conduct a survey.

Start changing the world right now!