User agreement
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The purpose of the Global Survey project is to collect and summarize the opinions of people from all over the world on various issues.

Global Survey allows you to register and use only one profile and only one email address per participant.

To make full use of the service, the user must have an Ethereum wallet, which is specified during registration. In the future, it can be changed in the "settings". Also, the user needs to have installed and activated the extension for the MetaMask browser, in which The Ethereum wallet specified earlier is selected.

Rights and obligations of participants

Registering on globalsurvey.com, You should make sure that there are no laws in Your country / city prohibiting the use of such Internet sites as globalsurvey.com, or similar sites (pages) as well as currency exchange.

If you live where there are special laws governing registration and participation on websites conducting surveys like globalsurvey.com then the awareness of responsibility for the consequences of this, falls entirely on you.

globalsurvey.com is not responsible for checking specific laws in your country / city by offering you its services.

Participants are prohibited from using robot programs, proxy servers, and other online forms of automated introduction of answers to survey questions. Their use will result in immediate profile removal and exclusion of a participant from the project.

The participants are not allowed to distribute spam. If the participant distributes spam, his / her profile will be immediately deleted and he / she will be excluded from the project.

You should answer the survey questionnaires in good faith. Providing false information in the survey may result in a negative assessment, which will further affect the size of the award.

Members have the right to close their profile in the globalsurbey.com at any time, contact the project support team by e-mail.

If you have any problems or questions regarding participation in the project, you should immediately contact the project support team.

Rights and obligations globalsurvey.com

globalsurvey.com has the right to close Your profile at any time, without any notice and compensation if globalsurvey.com appears suspicion that You are engaged in fraudulent or other unlawful activity or commit actions that may affect the image globalsurvey.com or spreading information discrediting globalsurvey.com (including online) or use rude or obscene, or violate any of the terms or conditions of this agreement. In any of these cases globalsurvey.com has the right to appeal to the appropriate authorities to sue You for damages.

globalsurvey.com assumes no liability for infringement of the laws, regulations and other legislation, including tax.

Have globalsurvey.com have the right to freeze the profile on time, clarify the circumstances in cases globalsurvey.com suspicion that illegal actions were in some way associated with the Ethereum address of the user.

globalsurvey.com you have the right to request a valid proof of your identity if we have any doubt that you have provided inaccurate information about yourself or if we find that your profile has been used for illegal purposes.

globalsurvey.com shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to You or third parties in connection with participation in the project globalsurvey.com Oh. You agree and agree that all conflicts, disputes or misunderstandings between us, the reasons for which are related to participation in the project, rewards, prizes, claims or anything else, Will be resolved by you individually, without your involvement of judicial or other authorities, including on the Internet. In the case of Your treatment in arbitral, judicial or other organizations, agencies and institutions (including online) globalsurvey.com not responsible.

globalsurvey.com the right to change the terms of this agreement, the value of accrued bonuses, offers, terms and conditions of service at any time, without prior notice to participants. Changes made globalsurvey.com the user agreement, come into force from the moment of their entry into the agreement on the site.

globalsurvey.com does not bear responsibility for typographical and other errors on the website and in emails.

Additional conditions

All banners, logos, texts and materials, which are available on the website globalsurvey.com and in our e-mails belong to their respective owners and globalsurvey.com is not responsible for their content and use.

Terms of accession to this agreement

Before you start using this project, You must read this agreement, as well as all applicable in this draft rules and other documents that are freely available on the Internet at:


After filling in the required fields and reviewing the agreement, you join (accept) this agreement by clicking "Register".

The actual use of this project without registration in the form, in particular, viewing its pages is also an acceptance of this document. To make full use of this project You need to register.

At registration you specify the actual and corresponding reality information, including a surname, a name, a floor, date of birth and other information. To enter in this project formed a unique authorization data – login, mail and password are confidential and shall not be disclosed except as required by applicable law and/or this agreement. The risk of fraudulent and other illegal actions with Your page in connection with the loss of the password is borne solely by you. It is recommended to choose a password of sufficient complexity to avoid the possibility of its selection by third parties.

The credentials that You supplied during registration, namely surname, name, date of birth, place of residence, place of education, place of work and other information (hereinafter referred to as credentials) are processed in order to properly execute this agreement and to improve the functions of the present project.

By accepting this agreement and posting the data, you consent to the processing of your own credentials, to the recording of your credentials on the personal page, and to the fact that the credentials you provide will be considered publicly available.

The purpose of the processing of accounting data is to determine the functions of this project, conduct statistical research and analysis of the statistical data, and perform other actions described in this agreement and the relevant sections of the site.

The processing of your credentials takes place over the entire period from the time you register to the time your profile is deleted.

You agree that in the process of processing your credentials, we have the right to perform the following actions with your credentials: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, use, transfer of anonymous statistics, destruction and other necessary actions in order to implement this agreement.

By joining globalsurvey.com by registering on the site, You thereby agree to all of the above terms and conditions and agree to comply with them.