Privacy policy
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Privacy statement by Global Survey
Status: February 22, 2018

Emphasis on consent to data processing By leaving the data on the site, you agree to the privacy Policy and information protection.

The administration of the Global Survey site (hereinafter the site) may not transfer or disclose the information provided by the user (hereinafter the user) when registering and using the functions of the site to third parties, except as described by the legislation of the country in which the user operates.

The following terms are part of our General contractual terms and conditions and should be carefully read.

For the purposes of argumentation, execution and development of contractual relations, the user agrees to the collection, processing and use of their personal data through Global Survey.

1. What is personal data?

Personal data are individual items of information about personal and business relationships of a defined or definable natural persons. this refers to: the collection and use of reasoning, content design or change of relations of the contract between the Global Survey and the user (details like name and surname) or for use of services from Global Survey (the data of the user as the login password).

2. What information is provided by Global Survey, what conditions You need to agree to a Global Survey with others and what happens with Your personal data?

2.1 the Data while registration

First, Global Survey will collect and process certain personal data for the purpose of registration. This is above all:

* Date of birth
* Country of residence
* Primary language
* Login and password
• E-mail
* Ethereum address of wallet

This is mandatory information required for successful registration.

2.2 Additional personal data

Additional personal data of the user are filled in in the section "my profile", there specify such data as name, languages spoken by the user ( no more than 5 languages), gender,Hobbies, education, profession,religion, household, travel,habits, consumption of goods and services, the Internet, computer, preferences,transport, health, etc.This information is used to select the desired user survey, at the same time, it is absolutely confidential and closed to all other users of Global Survey, including the initiators of surveys.

Other user data may be requested as part of surveys. Participation in individual surveys is voluntary, as is the indication of personal data in them. The results of the surveys will be provided to their initiators. Transfer respondence result in an anonymous manner.

2.3 Changing data

The user's personal data can be changed only 3 times, and not often once a week. This is valid for both mandatory and additional data, change of e-mail address and login is not provided. The password is changed in a special way in the "settings"section.

2.4 end of membership

At the moment, the removal of membership accounts is not considered. The user may stop using the service Global Survey at any time if it is within three months will not show activity on the website, it will be Poznan "inactive" and his mail will no longer be sent a different sort of notice. At any time, he can resume using the service.

2.5 use of Cookies

Global Survey may use Cookies when you visit the Global Survey web pages. The only thing Global Survey uses Cookies for is the current language settings of the site interface.

2.6 Notifications

Global Survey sends notifications by email to users.

2.7 Safety

The site ensures the security of the User account from unauthorized access

3. User rights

3.1 Failure

The user has the right to refuse consent.

The purpose of the use of personal data for collection, processing and use: the preservation of data is the protection of Global Survey - web pages. So it is possible to check offences and attempts at insults. In addition, the use of personal data is essential for the continuous optimization of Global Survey - web pages and General administration users. The data will only be used to post information.

You cannot opt out of regular versions of privacy.

Note: this privacy policy is valid only for Global Survey-web pages. Other people's pages are not recorded in any way in this privacy statement. Global Survey accepts no responsibility for compliance with the privacy statement through other people's pages.

3.2 Provision of information

The user may at any time obtain information about content of your consent in the "about project" menu.

4. Conditions for modifications

Global Survey reserves the right to amend the privacy policy without further notice. Innovations come into force from the moment of their publication. Users can track changes in the privacy Policy of their own.